Yealink configuration updates

Today, we have rolled out a handful of configuration changes to our default Yealink handset template:

  • Handset-based forwards have been disabled
  • DND has been set to sync its status to the server
  • Only “Trusted” hosts are allowed to connect to handsets, preventing Ghost Calls
  • IP-based calls are disabled to prevent Ghost Calls
  • 988 has been added to the “dialnow” dialplan
  • NTP time servers have been added to keep clocks up to date
  • Defaults to “New Call” type of transfer
  • Hanging up a call mid-transfer immediately completes the transfer
  • Voicemail and missed-call popups have been disabled

If any of these features are critical to you or your organization, please just drop us a line and we will happily get your configuration the way you like!

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