Deceptive site errors

We are aware that some of our customers are experiencing a “Deceptive Site Ahead” warning or error when logging into the Option9 portal. If you are seeing this error please read the following.

Background & Context
Google provides a service called Safe Browsing, which is a database of compromised, malware-producing, or phishing/deceptive websites; this service is tightly integrated into Chrome, and used by other browsers.
Our Option9 portal, while being a safe, legitimate, and fully SSL-secured website, is being flagged as deceptive. We have repeatedly had it it reviewed and successfully marked as legitimate, only to have it flagged again. We have been and are continuing to work with Google to correct this error, and have engaged additional developer resources at Google to help us find out what is happening.

What you can do, what we’re doing
In the meantime, we have found that Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox consistently do not display the warning (even though they also use Google’s SafeBrowsing information). As such, using Edge or Firefox may be a solution – it is as simple as switching browsers!

We are continuing to aggressively scour the site for unfriendly redirects, invalid Javascript, broken links, external references — anything that Google doesn’t like — and fixing it. Although it’s a short list, we hope it helps.

We are also working on deploying an additional domain name – separate from – that can be used to visit the portal, and will have further information about that soon, should our work with Google not produce results.

Your online security is our first priority and I appreciate your continued patience while we resolve this issue.

Your Option9 Team